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     Seems we have become a society of sign board citizens wearing logos for our habits and heros. It began as an airbrush duel around 1960 with Stanley Mouse versus Big Daddy Roth at the Detroit drag races, but the style took on a whole different character when S. Mouse moved to San Francisco in the psychedelic 60s where he teamed up to form the Monster Company which pioneered four color, screen printed T-shirts. Now T-shirt philosophy reigns supreme with quasi-personal statements of taste, affiliation and concern.

     The Jumpy Movies of the Philosophy Club which include the books in 30 seconds are more like T-shirt graphics than video or animation. As you will see below, I've even optimized a few of my favorite images on the Virtual Charlie CD as digital graphic files for printing as iron-on T-shirt stencils.

     If you would like one of the T-shirts below, use a Virtual Charlie CD to create it. Call around to find a local copy shop that makes T-shirts from iron-on transfers [like Photo-Trans] using a color copier [like a Canon 550.] The images below are *.tif files on the Virtual Charlie CD. Adobe Photoshop prints them nicely in black & white or color.


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