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Virtual Charlie

     Virtual Charlie began as thirty years of effort crystallized into four books, ten floppy disks, and a Web site. The floppy disks each contain a Jumpy Movie, a small digital statement consisting of juxtaposed audio visual images. Each less than 1.4 megabytes, they are my grand soliloquies in my data-blast style. At the time, I often described virtual Charlie as a persona-on-a-disc: That persona being me, of course. In diverse hands interacting on-line, these digitalized crystals of my time have become layered and hyper-contextural.

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     The unique 1.0 boxed-set included a multi-media synopsis of each of my four books plus six cartoon essays, each drawn and narrated by yours truly. I designed these Jumpies to be easy to copy for friends as Floppy Gifts. All very cool, an immersive environment for a wide variety of different people; but far too much for the net (in the 1990s), hence the CD version.

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Virtual Charlie on a CD

     was published in 1997. It brings together 20 of my Jumpy Movies, including each of my Books in 30 Seconds. Also on the disc, my quadrillion pathway image-play adaptation of my novel Will Ball, an Artificial Intelligence Tool, a ten minute, multi-media meditation called Blue, plus printable files for more than 100 of my original drawings. Drawing for electronic display is so elegant yet so primitive at the same time. I find it strangely expressive. I called Virtual Charlie a "browser book" because CDs were configured for browsing software. While local media, the disc functioned like a massive web site built into your computer. It is fast and seamless, saving major on-line angst.

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