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ICONIC THINGS like a blue butt make Charlie curious. He would click on it just to see if the idea gets explained, then click on the blue face, and the Because T-shirt too. The camera, for instance, jumps to a gallery of photos while the computer sends e-mail and the coffee cup goes on and on about cafe society. The books expand, the TV renders each book in 30 seconds, and the notebooks lead to other more impromtu stories. The CD explains the Virtual Charlie CD; the light bulb lists a site map of the big ideas that tie it all together. The book on the table is the Solo Zone Publishing catalog, the earphones an audio CD reference guide...everything goes somewhere. The green solozone logo always brings you back to the appropriate home page. As you might expect, the question mark holds the key, troubling you only to opt for either Windows (win) or Quicktime (qtm) multi-media file types.


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