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EARTH: The Sequel
The Race to Reinvent Energy and Stop Global Warming

by Fred Krupp and Miriam Horn (WW Norton 2008)

      Thank you for sending me a copy of Earth: the Sequel. It's a very good read. Fred Krupp is obviously thoughtful and well intended. Most amazingly, his thinking almost convinces me that a tradeable carbon cap may be a reasonable way to go. I say almost because I still think that we must free ourselves from burning hydrocarbons altogether. Krupp hedges around this reality, but it is clear that he understands that we desperately need non-carbon alternatives. I have clipped the following points out of Earth: the Sequel because they support my long held assertion that a non- liquid means to catch-and-release energy must be found: I submit that my proposal to utilize the proven potential of certain metallurgical phenomena has less downside than any of the carbon-based scenarios considered by Krupp.
 In order to compete, such a catch-and-release energy system would need to achieve the energy density of liquid hydrocarbons. And it would need to accomplish the regenerative yield of a typical gasoline engine. Were such an energy catch-and-release system to allow off-the-grid power generation, then wind, solar and geo-thermal power generation in remote areas could provide vast resources.
 I have clever friends in mind to help breathe life into this inorganic idea. I just need to figure out how to get them paid. Let me know if you run in someone eager to provide the five million dollars it would take to bring such an idea to life. I will demo my little car for them.
 Charles Wehrenberg

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