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NEW Solo Zone Publishing review copy POLICY

     Requests for gratis, editorial review copies will be serviced by a gift card for a Kindle ebook edition only. Solo Zone Publishing paperbacks are strictly for sale as full-priced, signed copies.

BECAUSE, unfortunately

     The vast majority of book review networks merely solicit an avalanche of review copies to promote inventory for resale. The review editors know full well they will never get to 90% of the titles they receive. Indeed, these review publishers will go on about how this perk is payment for reviewers. WAIT! This assertion is disingenuous: These reviewers are not compensated by the value of the books which they actually read and review, they are compensated by the hundreds of books which they receive and resell without ever reading or reviewing. This predatory practice of soliciting many times the number titles that a system or person might be able to review inorder to promote resaleable inventory must stop. This exploitive recycling has totally undermined the small press publisher. Fortunately, there is a way to banish the book mooch.

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