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DESIGN, a definition

     Webster defines design as "the arrangement of parts, details, form, color, etc. so as to produce a complete and artistic unit." An inordinate attention to detail is key to creating a novel, as it is the key to the particulars of a printed book or an electronic edition, to the software and devices which play that electronic edition, to the desk where you sit to write that masterpiece, to the tables where you meet, to the spiral stairway in your split-level room, to the wardrobe and chest of drawers where you store your clothes, to the day bed where you dream, to the child-proof shelves where you keep you precious things, even down in size to the little bracket next to your sink for your kitchen mixing wand.

     Whether it is a one ton, cold-rolled steel, meditation amplifier, or a two ounce kitchen bracket, or a virtual machine system, Solo Zone has innovative solutions. Good design only requires talent, time and money. Let Charles Wehrenberg know what you need:

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