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Bart AlbertÉ
(1940 New York - 2006 SF)

BARTOLOMÉ ALBERTI (aka Bart Alberti):

     An unregistered caffeine user resident in San Francisco since 1970, indulging his post Catholic, post Freudian sensibility, deposes and says he truly is the said BART ALBERTI who drinks coffee while writing poetry while sitting in cafes while engaging in non stop talk. Oddly for so eccentric a character, he holds a degree in higher math from NYU and once worked as an actuary. Haven't held a job in thirty years repines the old geezer, gazing out wistfully toward the fog bound Golden Gate from the no longer smokey Cafe Trieste. The day before he jumped in front of an Express SAM TRANS train, he was interested in computer science, the Ottoman Empire, young girls, and good food.

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