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[Sally Larsen surfing Kauai photo by Jeff Walba]


     A Native-American and a native of San Francisco born in 1954, Sally Larsen lives and works in the city of her birth. As psychedelia blossomed, she found her way to Golden Gate Park and intuitively sought the society of artists and eccentrics. Largely self-educated, she has been published widely and has exhibited her photo-derived constructions in New York, Los Angeles, Honolulu, and Chicago. While drawn to photography and computing, her vision is more painterly than simply photographic. An accomplished martial artist and surfer, her philosophical nature centers her aesthetics on the fusing cultures of the Pacific Rim.

creativity in action   [Sally Larsen turning an old friend into smoke, San Francisco]

The Jizo Series
recent paintings and paintings as photographs by Sally Larsen...

     For me, contemporary art is a personal commitment to communication. It is an act of faith realized by an intentional effort to coordinate eye and hand. These contemporary actions allow me to peer into the past and to see into the future. For instance, I came to appreciate the Jizo statues of Japan as I roamed Tokyo, Kyoto and Nikko during the 1980s. More recently, as I contemplated the aftermath of September 11, 2001, the compassionate nature of the Jizos lent perspective as I worked to regain my own equilibrium. My September 12, 2001 show in NYC had a Buddhist theme, so I see this new work as a continuance, my homage to all that was lost with the World Trade Center. The paintings which form the color space for this series are inspired by my interest in entheogens, the plants of the gods. These hi-color paintings are melded with my b/w photographs, creating a fresh synthesis that I find powerfully expressive.

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